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For many years, perhaps decades, I have heard on numerous occasions two songs – “Yesterday, when I was young” and “To dream the impossible dream.” [The lyrics are attached to this document] It was only recently the words of the first song penetrated and I knew instantly, that is where my life is at this pivotal moment in time. The words pressed down on me and drew me neigh to the ground, but I was revived from the words of the second song. A time of realization is available to everyone, if we would only take the time to look upwards! Especially heart-piercing to me were the words;

 “The thousand dreams I dreamed, the splendid things I planned
I always built, alas, on weak and shifting sand
I lived by night, and shunned the naked light of day
And only now, I see, how the years ran away.”
“I ran so fast that time, and youth at last ran out
I never stopped to think, what life was all about.”
 The friends I made, all seemed somehow to drift away
And only I am left, on stage to end the play.”

There is no greater way to comfort one’s soul as to come face to face with reality, but it is vitally necessary not to lose hope! Thus I say to myself I am not the only one who is chastened in the night season; let me cheerfully submit to the affliction, and carefully endeavor to be profited thereby. But the hand of the Lord may also be felt in another manner, strengthening the soul and lifting the spirit upward towards eternal things. O that I may, in this sense, feel the Lord dealing with me! A sense of the divine presence and indwelling bears the soul towards heaven upon the wings of Eagles.

At such time we are full to the brim with spiritual joy, and forget the cares and sorrows of earth; the invisible is near, and the visible loses its power over us; the servant body waits at the foot of the hill, and the master–spirit worships upon the summit in the presence of the Lord. O that a hallowed season of divine communion may be vouchsafed to me this day! The Lord knows that I need it very greatly. My graces languish, my corruptions rage, my faith is weak, my devotion is cold; and these are reasons why His healing hand should be laid upon me.

His hand can cool the heat of my burning brow, and stay the tumult of my palpitating heart.  That glorious right hand which molded the world can new-create my mind; the unwearied hand which bears the earth’s huge pillars up can sustain my spirit; the loving hand which encloses all the saints can cherish me; and the mighty hand which breaketh in pieces  the enemy can subdue my sins. It may be that you are still in the days of young and not “Yesterday when I was young,” but whatever state you are in, beyond any doubt of uncertainty – “The Lord can deliver you and sustain you and all that is required is full faith and trust in Him who has no Origin!” Wishing you God’s blessings. - Sheriff Ali