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Blue water glittering in the almost silent Stream

Eyes rise, you are at the water’s edge,

Radiantly like the Sunlit beam

I cannot move, fastened like a wedge

Quarantined by your beauty and radiance

Eyes locked with mine,

Am I in a trance?

Like none before, I wonder! – Divine?

Golden hair bouncing off your silk laced dress

I am calling but you do not hear,

Moving like a Kestrel, leaving its nest

No longer can I see, you disappear

Only trickling water in the Stream, you are gone

Melancholy, tear drops down my cheek,

I awake; it is a dream, feelings of forlorn

Thanks for the taste of Heaven, at this little creek…

© Sheriff Ali 2006

Author’s Comments

Dreams in our sleep are different than “hopes and dreams,” for when we awake, it is gone!