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[The following quotes are the writings that I receive on a daily basis from an inspirational provider ( and it may be that you too would like to receive these daily inspirational quotes to help you through the storms of life. It has most certainly been a "compass to my faith," and the daily blessings I receive from it, I have not the words to express the wonderful and uplifting spiritual enhancements I have received and continue to receive. Reanty Marajh]


"When one has an undisciplined mind,

he perceives himself to be the effect of those around them.

When one reclaims responsibility for everything he perceives,

he reclaims the Power of God as his own."

"You need not feel guilty that you turn to Me when you have exhausted all other possibilities for joy and there is nowhere else to turn. Thank yourself for going where you are sure to find comfort. Now is the only moment there is.

Now, we are joined as One."

"Who you are is beyond thought. It is beyond what the mind can imagine,

yet together let us dream of the Oneness we share

as a bridge to re-uniting your experience with Mine."

"How would you treat the Son of God if He were in the same room with you? Well, He is."

"Where God is ... death, destruction, and devastation are not possible.

In Reality, God is All There Is."

"The love you have for one, you have for all.

You just haven't realized it yet."

"In your mind lies all power,

the power to choose peace,

or the power to suffer."

"God's Love is everywhere, with the Right Perception."

"Every kind thought you’ve ever had,

and every kind word you’ve ever spoken,

came from the Holy Spirit."

"Everything can be celebrated as an opportunity

to restore your mind to the Truth,

even the thoughts that say otherwise."

"Love yourself no matter how often you forget this Voice.

Love yourself no matter how you spend your time.

Love yourself no matter which voice you follow,

and know that I always love you no matter what.

Love yourself as I love you and end all suffering within you."

"Love just is. It doesn't think. It doesn't discern. It doesn't judge.

It doesn't value. It just is. You are Love."

"Your wish to be like Jesus comes from the deep remembering

that you already are."

"When you have ears to hear, every word can be from the Holy Spirit.

Then you are listening to the one true Voice in the world."

"If you want the world to be a better place, extend Love to it.

See its perfection, its innocence, its beautiful purpose. What a gift it offers!"

"When you are free of sin, you will be free of misperception.

Misperception is the only sin there is,

and it does not exist in the Mind of God."

"The reflection of Holiness that the Holy Spirit gives you

can only be seen by your Holiness."

"Your Holiness has never been anything but secure.

You never have to waste a moment worrying about your Holiness,

but do spend some time experiencing it."

"The Holy Spirit speaks the language of Love.

It is your true first language,

which is why it seems so familiar."

"You are so loved and adored.

If you only knew how loved you were,

you would never fear again."

"The Holy Spirit listens to every word, every thought, every deed,

and is able to see only Love. That is possible for you too."

"Love is in constant motion. It comes to you, knocking at your door.

Will you let it in?"

"Love cannot be denied. It cannot be hidden. It cannot be unanswered.

Every time a kindness is done, the call has been answered."

"Love cannot be denied. It cannot be hidden. It cannot be unanswered.

Every time a kindness is done, the call has been answered."

"When one waits to join with God until he thinks he is worthy,

he denies everyone their Glory."

"Come to Me in love, in willingness, in hope, in fear, in despair, in longing.

It is all the same. Just come to Me."

"When you walk the path of Love, God walks with you.

When you walk a different path, God still walks with you,

you just don’t know it."

"There is only One Voice, and it is yours—God’s Voice in expression as You."